• NEBB is the leading international authority in establishing high quality standards and certifying firms that meet and maintain these standards with integrity.  WEBB (Wisconsin Environmental Balancing Bureau) is the local chapter, providing services throughout the state of Wisconsin.

    Through the affiliation with the national office, we work to establish industry standards, procedures and specifications for work in the various disciplines related to environmental systems.  These disciplines include:

    • Testing-Adjusting-Balancing, Air & Hydronics (TAB)
    • Sound and Vibration Measurement (S&V)
    • Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT)
    • Building Systems Commissioning (BSC)


    NEBB also sets minimum educational standards and other requirements for the qualification of supervisory and technical personnel empolyed by firms which perform work in NEBB's disciplines. Through the certification process, customers are assured that NEBB certified personnel are well-trained and knowledgable. If you are a NEBB certified supervisor, or looking to become one, consider one of NEBB's study courses.

    Annually, WEBB hosts its annual meeting & educational program to train supervisory and technical personnel in the proper methods and procedures.



    Board of Directors

    Dave Aldag:  Aldag/Honold Mechanical, Inc. (President) 
    Gary Nelson:  Secretary 
    Willie Kerlin: (Treasurer) 
    Phil Corbin:  JF Ahern Co. (Chairman Technical Committee)


    NEBB Certification

    NEBB establishes and maintains industry standards, procedures and specifications for work in its various disciplines. Each discipline is anchored by a NEBB Procedural Standard that provides guidelines for work to be performed and NEBB certification examinations that validate the individual’s knowledge.
    NEBB Personnel Certification provides tangible proof that Certified Professionals and Technicians are qualified in the proper methods and procedures for each NEBB discipline.
    NEBB Firm Certification provides tangible proof that Firms are qualified in the proper methods and procedures for each NEBB discipline and that they have the correct calibrated equipment to provide accurate reports.

    How to Start the Process of Becoming NEBB Certified

    Interested applicants for NEBB Personnel Certification should contact NEBB (certification@nebb.org) to obtain an application and certification details. Applicants can also contact Sheila Simms at 301.977.3698.
    Interested applicants for NEBB Firm Certification should contact Lauri at the WEBB office at lauri@pmsmca.com or 414-543-7622, ext. 253.

    Basic Requirements of NEBB Personnel Certification

    Individuals who meet the specified criteria can apply for NEBB certification. The individual must apply to NEBB, pay the required fees, successfully pass the required examinations; and will then be designated either as a NEBB Certified Professional or NEBB Certified Technician. Certified individuals that are employed by a NEBB firm are designated as Affiliated Certified Professionals or Technicians; Certified individuals that are not employed by a NEBB firm are designated as Non-Affiliated Certified Professionals or Technicians.

    Basic Requirements of NEBB Firm Certification

    Firms that meet the specified criteria can apply for NEBB certification. A firm must designate a Certified Professional employed within their firm to supervise all NEBB related work. The designated individual will be designated as the NEBB Certified Professional. Firms must also determine in which NEBB discipline(s) they are interested in becoming certified.


    NEBB Education Programs


    Looking for some local education programs?

    WEBB offers an extensive all-day education program for the continuing education of all NEBB certified professionals and firms.  We always have a host of knowledgable speakers and attendance from certified firms, professionals & technicians!  For more information about the next WEBB education program, contact Lauri at 414-543-7622 ext. 253 or lauri@pmsmca.com. 


    Are you interested in taking some study courses to help you prepare for certification???

    Attend one of the many study courses offered by NEBB!

    If you have any questions regarding WEBB, contact lauri@pmsmca.com.